Why Do I have a Headache After Teeth Cleaning?

June 15, 2024

Have you got your teeth sparkly clean but your head feels like it’s about to explode? It is not unusual to get headache after teeth cleaning; it may be the result of the dentist applying excessive force or pressure. However, there may be an underlying oral health issue at play if the headache lasts longer than usual.

Cause of Headache After Dental Cleaning

  • Sedation
    It is common to have headaches after dental cleaning if you are sedated throughout the procedure. The sedative can cause drowsiness and heaviness in the head, which can lead to headache.
  • Muscle Tension in the Jaw
    During a dental cleaning, the hygienist or dentist might have to hold your mouth open for a considerable amount of time. This may cause tense jaw muscles and headaches.
  • Sinus Pressure
    Your sinuses are located close to your teeth, and some dental procedures, including tooth cleanings, might change the pressure inside them, causing headaches. This is common if you have congestion or sinus problems while working.
  • Dental Anxiety
    Our bodies release stress hormones when we are nervous, resulting in muscle tightness, especially in the head, neck, and jaw. If dental cleanings or any other dental procedure makes you anxious, it can turn into a headache after the procedure.

How to Get Rid of Headache After Dental Cleaning?

Even though an accurate diagnosis is important to treat the issue, you can relieve the pain by using the following tips:

Get Enough Rest

Dental procedures can be tiring and prolonged. It’s important to give yourself some rest after teeth cleaning or any other dental procedure to relieve headaches or any kind of pain.


You can take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get rid of headaches after scaling or root planing.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Heat pads can help release strained muscles and improve blood flow to the region, while cold packs can help lessen discomfort, swelling, and inflammation. Hot and cold therapy helps to lessen or prevent headache.

Avoid Triggers

It’s imperative that you take a moment to find out potential triggers that could be making your headache worse. Things like food, coffee, or stressful environment may be triggering the headache.

If your headache still doesn’t go away even after using all the tips, there may be a tooth problem at hand. Consult your dentist to identify the cause of your headache and create a treatment plan.

Final Say!

We hope that you now understand the cause of headaches after teeth cleaning and ways to get rid of them. Talk to your dentist if you get headaches after every dental cleaning; he might lessen the pressure during the procedure. Remember to avoid everything that could trigger teeth sensitivity or any other pain.

If you wish to have more informed knowledge about headaches after dental cleaning, you can visit us at Smile 360 Family Dentistry. Schedule an appointment with our expert dentists by calling (909) 980-4878.


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