Shades of White: Can You Whiten Dental Crowns?

July 15, 2023

Nowadays, having the perfect smile is a necessity. With pearly white and straight teeth, your smile should reflect the best version of you. That is why most people turn to cosmetic and orthodontic procedures to uplift their teeth.

Be it straightening procedures like braces and Invisalign or teeth whitening, you can do a lot to transform your smile.

But wait, what if you already have previous dental work done? Would you still be able to alter your teeth? The truth is, it depends. You can not whiten crowns or veneers but can reposition your teeth with lumineers. To learn more about how this works, keep reading this blog.

Can You Whiten Crowns?

While crowns are a wonderful alternative to restoring broken and damaged teeth, they sadly cannot be renewed by teeth whitening. This is because the material of the crown prevents chemicals from changing their shape and color.

Moreover, since teeth whitening is a treatment that relies on dental bleach for brightening the enamel, it ultimately has zero effects on the crown. Materials like porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin are all incredibly durable. They are not that easily affected.

How Do You Fix a Discolored Crown?

If your dental crown has turned yellow over time, it might be high time to get it replaced. No matter what type of crown you may have, rarely anything stands the test of time. Plus, your diet also plays a major role in crown discoloration.

Food items that can stain your teeth are much more likely to leave behind their essence on dental crowns as well. It can be so deep that no amount of brushing or bleaching can get rid of it. Only a dental professional can undo the effects. That, too, by either replacing the crown entirely or performing a specific cleaning procedure just for crowns.

Tips to Make Your Teeth Stay Shining Bright!

No one likes to have a dull smile, especially when it’s just one tooth that is yellow, surrounded by a sea of bright white. But have no fear! We have come up with some of the most amazing and practical techniques to ensure your pearly whites remain dazzling. Take a look.

  • Choose a crown shade that illuminates your smile instead of dulling it down.
  • Get new crowns after getting your teeth professionally whitened.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene routine
  • Be diligent but gentle when brushing your teeth.
  • Make it a habit to rinse your mouth with salt water solution and antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Avoid smoking, especially tobacco.
  • Regularly visit a dentist for professional dental cleaning and evaluations.

Long Story Short

All in all, you sadly can not whiten crowns, but you can get them replaced or polished. For more details about crowns and teeth whitening, feel free to contact Smile 360 Family Dentistry at (909) 980-4878. You can also come and visit us at 9778 19th St, Alta Loma, CA 91737, near Rancho Bootcamp, for an in-person evaluation.


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