• Do you have crooked or mal-aligned teeth?
  • Do you not like metal braces in your mouth?
  • Is Invisalign the treatment of choice for you?

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As the name Invisalign suggests, it is a subtler way to straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth when compared to traditional braces. They use nearly invisible braces to align your teeth. How does it work?

  • They employ a series of aligners using a thermoplastic material created on an individual basis.
  • Custom made aligners are delivered in sequence to move your teeth to an esthetic position
  • Each aligner in this series works individually, making slight changes in the tooth position.
  • Once the desired position is reached using the first set, the next set of aligners are employed to continue the teeth straightening process.

Here are some key differences between Invisalign and the conventional braces:

  • Invisalign consists of a series of trays that can be removed on and off whereas the traditional braces involve metal/ceramic brackets and wires attached to the teeth that cannot be removed.
  • You can remove your aligners during your favorite meal (chewy/hard food), but your conventional braces can break while eating those food items.
  • The aligners can be maintained by brushing your teeth and then re-inserting the aligners for fresh breath and proper hygiene.
  • Aligners are most effective when work 20-22 hours/day and the teeth do not move once they are removed.
  • Not painful like the conventional braces which have a lot of attachments that can cause discomfort.

An Invisalign treatment can last between 2 months-2 years and to determine if you are a candidate of Invisalign, book an appointment with one of our doctors and team at Smile360 Family Dentistry.