Tooth Colored Fillings Services

Tooth Colored Fillings in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Do you have decay in your teeth?
  • Is there a visible gap between your front teeth?
  • Do you have a broken or chipped tooth?

If you have tooth-colored fillings which mimic the natural tooth color, would you choose that over metal? If the answer is yes, we thought so too because scientific studies and clinical experience shows that tooth-colored fillings are:

  • Safe
  • Long-lasting
  • Reliable
  • Appear like natural teeth
  • Predictable

Tooth-colored fillings are made using a blend of ‘composite’ resin, plastic resin, and silica fillers. These substances mimic many of the properties and qualities of a natural tooth such as translucency and wear-resistance. There are different methods to repair the teeth:

  • Direct fillings where the cavities require a small amount of restorative material. The resin is packed in layers and set using a special light.
  • Semi-direct fillings involve repairing larger areas of the tooth. Layers of resin material are used and it is used to set outside the mouth. It is then bonded onto the tooth.
  • Indirect fillings are used when a large or complex restoration is required. When there is not much tooth structure is left to fill, the restoration is fabricated and then placed onto the tooth. This type of filling requires multiple visits and it cannot be placed on the same day.

The composite resins have unique properties which include:

  • Good bonding between the resin and tooth structure (enamel and dentin)
  • Recreates a natural-looking tooth
  • Allows bite stress to pass through the tooth in a natural way

Visit us at Smile360 Family Dentistry and Dr Niraj Shah/Dr Megha Shah will be able to explain the appropriate options and help you to achieve a healthy-looking smile.