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Tooth Extraction in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Is your tooth decayed and giving pain?
  • Had a fall or a cracked tooth?
  • Do you have teeth that are loose?
  • Do you have a wisdom tooth that is troubling you?

When your tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair, the tooth may be indicated for extraction from its socket in the bone. Some of the common reasons for tooth removal are:

  • Extra teeth that block other teeth from coming into the mouth
  • Baby teeth that do not fall in time and obstruct the permanent teeth
  • People needing braces that require teeth to be extracted for creating space
  • People receiving radiation therapy for head and neck cancer
  • People under cancer drugs may have a compromised immune system that can result in decayed/infected teeth. Those teeth need to be extracted.

There are two types of extraction and they include:

  • Simple extraction where the dentist loosens and removes the tooth using instruments like forceps and elevator.
  • Surgical extraction is a more complex procedure where the dentist makes a small cut (incision) in the gums, may remove some bone around the tooth for gaining access and removes the broken or impacted tooth.
  • Following the extraction, bone grafts can be placed within the tooth socket (Socket Preservation) to preserve the bone for replacement of teeth.

Visit Dr Niraj Shah/Dr Megha Shah from Smile360 Family Dentistry for consultation and expert advice on whether to extract the tooth. Generally, he recommends these tips for minimal discomfort and speedy recovery after an extraction.

  • Ice-packs can be placed on the face to reduce swelling and they are usually kept for 20 minutes at a time.
  • Eat cold and soft foods for a few days.
  • A warm water rinse is allowed after 24 hours post-extraction to keep the area clean.
  • You should not smoke, spit, or use a straw as it may dislodge the blood clot from the tooth socket.
  • For a surgical extraction, the stitches may have to be removed by the dentist.
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