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Dental Implants In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

There is no bigger catastrophe than losing your natural tooth, which is why we offer dental implants in Rancho Cucamonga. Our implant specialists, Dr. Niraj Shah and Dr. Mega Shah are highly educated in oral health care. With their years of expertise, our dental experts work alongside their exceptional team to revive your smile. You no longer have to worry about missing teeth; dental implants restore the appearance as well as the function of your natural tooth. So, head to Smile 360 Family Dentistry and say hello to a healthy smile today!

Let Us Acquaint You With Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, our implant restoration can be pretty beneficial in terms of appearance, function, and more. Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that closely resembles your natural teeth, and it consists of three parts: artificial tooth root, abutment, and crown. Once the surgical treatment is over, you can smile confidently with your beautiful and healthy teeth.

Our skilled implant dentist in Rancho Cucamonga will help you understand what dental implants are, addressing all of your concerns and queries. We will first ensure you are eligible for the procedure, following up with the necessary treatment if needed.

What Our Dental Implants Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga Looks Like

Dr. Niraj and Dr. Mega are highly skilled and proficient in performing dental implant procedures. First, they will examine your mouth to determine if this is the right treatment for you. We incorporate dental advancements and cutting-edge technology in our services, making it possible to achieve efficient results. However, even with the latest advancements and additional procedures, there are times when dental implants are not suitable for the patient. In case that happens, our dental team will proceed with another treatment.

If our dentists conclude that you are a suitable candidate, they will prepare your dental implant treatment plan. Sometimes, a sinus lift or bone graft surgery is necessary before the placement of the implant to ensure successful outcomes. The dental implant process itself requires multiple steps, which include.

Implant Placement

Once your treatment is confirmed, we will schedule a day for surgery that is feasible for you and our surgeon. We cater our services with your utmost comfort and convenience in mind, so our implant specialist will administer local anesthesia. After the site is completely numb, we will create space in your gums and jaw bones to place the titanium post.

Attaching the Abutment

We recommend mandatory rest before proceeding with the treatment, allowing the jawbone to fuse with the implant in a process called osseointegration. After a few months, comes the time for the next step: attaching the abutment! It serves as a connector between your artificial tooth root and dental crown.

Securing the Crown

A few weeks following the abutment placement, our oral surgeon will call you in for your final appointment: securing the dental crown! A significant benefit of implant restoration is that it revives the appearance of your teeth — that is exactly what the tooth crown helps you accomplish. We take impressions of your natural teeth to prepare a cap that looks just like a real tooth. And with that, you will have much-enhanced oral health!

Our dental implant specialists provide safe and effective surgical treatment in Rancho Cucamonga. When you leave our dental clinic after your last appointment, improved oral health and a beautiful smile are guaranteed!

Crucial Tips for Maintaining Your Teeth Implant

We at Smile 360 Family Dental want your healthy smile to last as long as possible. Our implant specialists know how important caring for your dental implants is. With our knowledge and expertise, we will guide you on the essential components of dental hygiene. The best part is: teeth implants do not require any special care, unlike dentures and other dental restorations. All you have to do is stay diligent with proper oral hygiene, and your implant will remain free of any issues!

Oral hygiene is something our dentists stress, providing you with instructions on taking care of your teeth. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash are the triad that will keep your overall oral health in perfect condition. Other than this, we also recommend regular visits so our experts can clean and examine your teeth to prevent complications.

Although dental implants do not require high maintenance, our dental team recommends paying extra attention to cleaning your restoration. This way, your artificial tooth will remain in optimal condition for years to come.

The Marvels of Dental Implants: Why Our Rancho Cucamonga Experts Recommend Them!

Dental implants are considered to be the best restoration of all — and with our dental implant services, you will see that to be true! Dr. Niraj and Dr. Mega have your best interests at heart, and they draft treatment plans according to your needs. Here are some benefits of our dental implants procedure in Rancho Cucamonga:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Better speech
  • Convenience in eating and speaking
  • Lower risk of oral health issues and complications
  • Durable tooth replacement
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Stimulates dental bone production, preventing jaw bone from deteriorating

Your Trusted Dental Implant Specialist in Rancho Cucamonga

Dental implants are the ultimate tooth replacement option — with improved oral health, restored function, and enhanced appearance of teeth. Dr. Niraj and Dr. Mega have long-standing experience in performing dental implant procedures. When you trust our dental team, you can look forward to promising results, a healthy smile, and effective treatments. So, why the wait? Head to Smile 360 Family Dentistry and get started on your journey to optimal oral health!


1. What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, usually a titanium screw, that is placed into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth. An abutment and dental crown are attached to the implant in order to provide a new tooth.

2. Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Anyone who has one or more missing teeth can be eligible for a dental implant, especially if they have healthy gums and sufficient jaw bone density.

3. How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Generally, dental implants last from 10 to 30 years, depending on a number of factors. With proper maintenance, you can try to make them last longer.

4. Do Dental Implants Hurt?

No, dental implants do not hurt since the oral surgeon will give you anesthesia prior to the treatment. However, you may have some level of discomfort following the treatment.

What People Say About Us

I came here after a terrible experience at a large dental clinic. Wow! What a difference! Dr. Shah took X-rays and set up a treatment plan. ( the other place told me I needed a root canal and Dr. Shah said there was no reason for it.) After excellent experiences with having a cavity filled, a crown replaced, and getting an implant, I am confident and satisfied with his care, concern, and expertise. Dr. Shah made me feel much less nervous. He also asked frequently how I was doing and if I felt any pain. Kathy in the front office is awesome, easy going and friendly. The office “feels” calm and tranquil, allowing the patient to feel confident and convinced in the expertise and care of the doctor and staff.

Autumn Bardot

I needed an emergency dental procedure and the team at Smile 360 Family Dentistry took immediate and excellent care of me. Very friendly and helpful, would recommend to anyone!

Freddy Villasana

Dentist is great.. I drive 45mins just to have them work on my self and kids. Angie jessica and angelica are amazing. Front desk Kathy is amazing as well. Dr shah does amazing work would recommend to anyone.. I would recommend people their dental needs here!

Dante Orozco

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