Anxiety Management Services

Anxiety Treatment In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Do you have dentophobia or odontophobia i.e., fear of dentists?
  • Do you get anxious about visiting a dentist?
  • Do you have fear of needles?
You are not alone as there are many people having anxiety towards visiting a dentist even if they have had good experiences with them. This is because the anxiety is usually a fear about a future event. There is a worry about something that might happen and the common fears include:

  • Needles as some people do not like needles in general and some do not like injection in the gums
  • Fear of drilling may be caused due to the dislike of sound or vibration as well as fears about pain
  • Pain
  • Embarrassment about bad teeth due to poor oral hygiene or bad breath
  • Fear of sedation

Here are some tips to overcome your dental anxiety:

  • Identify your fear
  • Take a friend/relative along with you
  • Ask for a perception of pain
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for sedation if it might help you
  • Learn about mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques to reduce anxiety
  • Choosing a great dentist who listens and cares is the most important step.

We at Smile360 Family Dentistry offer our expertise and concern towards our patients. We understand that people are different and we have equipped ourselves with anxiety-reduction techniques in our practice which include:

  • A dental office which is welcoming to the patients with a calming ambiance and friendly staffs.
  • Personalized headphones with music is a proven distraction technique in dental research and it alleviates the anxiety in patients
  • Painless injection technique due to buffering of anesthetic solution
  • Aromatherapy has a soothing and calming effect on patients
  • A good and empathetic team of dentists in Dr Niraj Shah and Dr Megha Shah
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