Can Seniors Get Dental Implants? Are They Safe?

August 30, 2023

As you grow older, your oral health starts to diminish. Your teeth and gums begin to weaken, causing fallout and internal diseases. But that is why taking care of your oral health is so important, especially for seniors. You might not be able to turn back time and redo the past, but you can look into restorative dentistry options, all of which provide long-term comfort and ease. Nowadays, dental implants are all the rage. They are strong, permanent, and far better alternatives to dentures.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are special implants that are inserted in your jaw in place of missing teeth. They have a strong and sturdy titanium post that fits inside the jawbone, allowing the gums to fuse around it. Once the post is settled and becomes a part of your mouth, it is leveled by an abutment before being topped off with a crown.

Since implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible metal, you don’t have to worry about things like corrosion or replacement. They usually tend to last for a lifetime, given that you take good care of them alongside your oral hygiene.

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Seniors?

Of course! Dental implants are a wonderful solution to teeth loss, especially for seniors. In fact, age doesn’t matter at all. As long as you are in good health and your jawbone density is optimal, you can qualify for an implant surgery.

Since seniors are more prone to losing their teeth due to various reasons, dental implants offer them a way out. They bring forth stability, comfort, and an overall improved functionality of the mouth. That is to say, with dental implants, seniors can eat their favorite foods, speak without any fear, and enjoy their time. Compared to dentures and the long run of soaking and cleaning them every day, implants are much more feasible. However, to ensure that you or your loved one really does qualify for an implant, it is best to consult a dental professional beforehand.

Are Dental Implants for Seniors Covered by Insurance?

Every insurance plan is different, and so are the services they cover. In terms of dental care, most insurance companies aren’t liable to cover its charges. However, there are exceptions where an insurance company will take the front lead and cover the cost of dental implants for seniors. You can also ask your dentist whether or not their clinic accepts your insurance. Based on your chosen plan, the results may vary.

It is also important to keep in mind that implants are on the pricier side compared to dentures and other such options. But this is because they function like regular teeth. Even if you age further, the implants will stick through, maintaining their shape and space.

Bottom Line

To summarize, dental implants are an amazing restorative option for seniors looking to bring back their smiles. Here at Smile 360 Family Dentistry of rancho cucamonga, we offer exceptional services led by our highly skilled dentists. For more information on the matter, feel free to schedule an appointment by ringing us up at (909) 980-4878. You can also drop by our clinic located at 9778 19th St, Alta Loma, CA 91737, near Rancho Bootcamp.


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