Can You Eat With Invisalign?

Dec 30, 20231853 Views

Invisalign has many perks. From its practically invisible appearance to the easily removable structure, it can truly do it all. But can you eat with Invisalign? We often get asked if it’s okay to eat snacks and meals like normal with Invisalign or if you need to change your diet. However, since Invisalign can be […]

How Long Does A Root Canal Take To Complete?

Dec 15, 20231282 Views

Most people swear against root canals. After all, everyone is always talking about how much they hurt and how painful the treatment is. But we’re here to bust this myth once and for all! Root canals are not painful. Instead, they help alleviate the pain and discomfort altogether. Leaving the bacteria in your tooth can […]

Can You Brush Your Teeth After Drinking Milk?

Nov 30, 20232268 Views

You’ve probably heard of the long-term debate on whether you should brush your teeth before eating or after. While it is necessary to brush after eating something sweet or acidic, the same can’t be said for everything, especially milk. However, brushing your teeth after drinking milk is not the best idea. As important as it […]

Why Does Chocolate Hurt My Teeth?

Nov 15, 20231874 Views

If you’re like the rest of the world who enjoys eating chocolate, chances are you have a stash of chocolates hidden somewhere in your house, away from prying eyes. But did you know that eating too much sugar can damage your teeth? You’ve probably grown up hearing how dangerous sugar can be and that it […]

Tooth Extraction Site After 3 Days: What to Expect?

Oct 30, 20232688 Views

If you recently went through a tooth extraction, you probably know how painful and irksome it can be. From constantly switching out the gauze to limiting your favorite foods, the aftermath of an extraction is far from ideal, especially for the first two days. By the third day, however, things might start taking a turn […]

Do Cavities Actually Cause Bad Breath?

Oct 15, 20231506 Views

Almost everyone has suffered from a case of bad breath at least once in their life. Not only is it super embarrassing, but it can also be uncomfortable if you’re stuck in a social gathering without any way to freshen up your mouth. Some people suffer from bad breath, or halitosis, on a chronic level. […]

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before Using Whitening Strips or After?

Sep 30, 20232212 Views

When people say that a smile defines the beauty of your soul, they truly do mean it. After all, your smile is the biggest weapon you have in today’s day and age. It’s one of the reasons why people opt for multiple dental treatments, trying to beautify their smile. Whether it’s straightening them with the […]

When Should You Stop Using Gauze After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Sep 15, 20231940 Views

Almost everyone goes through wisdom tooth extraction at least once in their life. From the excruciating pain to the swelling and discomfort, it can be very hard to manage with a half-erupted wisdom tooth. That is why extraction surgeries are so helpful. Sure, you might end up with gauze-stuffed cheeks, unable to eat or drink […]

Can Seniors Get Dental Implants? Are They Safe?

Aug 30, 20234949 Views

As you grow older, your oral health starts to diminish. Your teeth and gums begin to weaken, causing fallout and internal diseases. But that is why taking care of your oral health is so important, especially for seniors. You might not be able to turn back time and redo the past, but you can look […]


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