All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly — What Might Be the Reason?

March 30, 2023

Are you wondering, ‘Why do all my teeth hurt suddenly?’

It can be scaring to experience pain in not one, but all of your teeth out of the blue. Sudden toothache usually hints at infection or fracture in the tooth. But that’s not all! Additional dental problems along with tooth sensitivity can also lead to toothache.

If you are experiencing sudden pain in all of your teeth, it’s better to visit a dentist. In this blog, we will mention the possible reasons why this is happening. Continue reading to find out!

Why Do All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly?

Here are a few causes of unexpected tooth pain:

  1. Exposure to Extreme Temperatures
    Teeth sensitivity can occur when the dental enamel wears away. As a result, your teeth might hurt when they are exposed to extremely cold or hot temperatures. You’ll feel sudden sharp pain in your teeth when they come in contact with something that’s too cold or too hot.
  2. Receding Gums
    Gum tissues help your teeth stay in place. Over time, factors such as aging, trauma to teeth or mouth, gum disease, aggressive brushing, and more can result in gum recession. This leaves the tooth nerve and roots vulnerable. Consequently, gum disease and tooth infection can occur, which causes all of your teeth to hurt suddenly. In simple terms, receding gums could be why all your gums hurt suddenly.
  3. Enamel Erosion
    Dental enamel helps protect your teeth from harm and is the strongest tissue in the human body. However, enamel starts wearing away due to harsh brushing techniques, poor oral hygiene, acidic or sugary food and beverages, etc. Therefore, you may feel tooth pain when biting down.
  4. Gum Infection
    Gum disease is among the common reasons why all your teeth hurt suddenly. Starting as gum infection, periodontal disease or gingivitis starts affecting your gums and causes symptoms such as aching teeth. Many people don’t realize they have gum infection until it’s too late. Therefore, keep an eye out for bleeding, red, swollen, and sensitive gums. If you suspect this condition, visit a periodontist for periodontal treatment.
  5. Tooth Decay or Cavities
    You may not realize that plaque bacteria is eroding your tooth enamel until you experience a sharp pain in your tooth. This provides bacteria with the opportunity to peat away the surface of your tooth, and reach inside. If it receives no treatment, tooth decay advances into a cavity, which causes more aching and sensitivity.
    Dentists stress on regular dental examinations and cleanings to avoid these issues. However, your dentist can treat tooth decay and cavity depending on the condition.
  6. Crowded Teeth
    Crowded teeth can also bring forth a lot of pain. But it becomes worse when wisdom teeth erupt and cause a shift in your bite shape. Some or all of your teeth will hurt if they are overlapping, crooked, or crowded. For this issue, you will need orthodontic treatment.
  7. Using Teeth Bleaching Products
    Did you recently opt for bleaching gels, whitening strips, or any other teeth whitening? That could be the answer to why all your teeth hurt suddenly. Although the treatments do effectively brighten your teeth, bleaching products can temporarily cause all of your teeth to hurt.


In conclusion, many factors can be responsible for all your teeth hurting suddenly. While some causes are serious, others are minor issues. Still, you should contact a reliable Rancho Cucamonga dentist if you have any dental issues. Dial (909) 980-4878 to schedule an appointment or visit the office at 9778 19th Street, Alta Loma, CA 91737.


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