5 Facts You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

April 30, 2024

A root canal is a dental procedure used to preserve and restore a tooth that is broken or diseased. During the procedure, it is necessary to extract the tooth’s pulp and nerve during the surgery, and the inside of the tooth is sealed and cleaned.

The most frequent causes of root canal treatment are:

  • Dental pulp infections
  • The inside part of your tooth
  • Continuous discomfort from an inflamed, hypersensitive nerve

Ignoring a decaying tooth can result in infection of the surrounding tissue and the formation of abscesses.

5 Facts You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

Not many people know some very important facts about root canal treatment apart from the fact that the procedure is painful and unpleasant. Well, this is not it; there are crucial facts about the procedure that you must not miss, including:

  1. How Much Time Does a Root Canal Take?
    A root canal treatment may take one or two sessions, depending on the tooth, the patient, and the severity of the condition. Additional consultations may also be necessary to design the dental crown that will cover the tooth following the surgery.
  2. Is Root Canal Painful?
    Root canal treatment is usually associated with excessive pain when the purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the pain. If you require a root canal, your tooth has a very painful and dangerous infection. The only thing that will ease your pain is to remove the diseased pulp because ignoring an infected tooth is significantly more painful than getting a root canal.
  3. Is it Safe To Get a Root Canal Treatment?
    Root Canal treatment is entirely safe and one of the most successful treatments in dentistry. There is no scientific proof that it causes cancer or illness elsewhere in the body.
  4. Root Canal can be a Need Even Without Toothache
    You may require a root canal for several reasons, and they are not usually associated with toothache. Instead of toothache, you may notice non-painful signs such as a gum pimple, a broken tooth, or discoloration.
  5. What Happens After Root Canal Treatment
    After a root canal, the tooth is basically dead, as the treatment mainly aims to preserve it rather than save it. The nerves have been eliminated, so the tooth will no longer experience pain or discomfort.
    However, if the tooth does not become infected again, it will continue functioning for many years. To be safe, you will normally be prescribed antibiotics following a root canal treatment.

Final Words!

All in all, root canal treatment is a safe procedure, and the success rate for a well-done root canal treatment is around 95%. Most failures are caused by incorrectly filling the canal during treatment or using the wrong type of crown to reconstruct the tooth afterward.

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